Cast tapered chair leg

About A Chair
Designer: Hee Welling
Hay design

This chair leg is made from cast aluminium, giving it a very slight taper and splayed end to create the foot detail.

Further up the leg the casting resembles 4 pieces of bent metal tube coming together to form the seat base. In this way the design overcomes the tricky problem of the junction where the four legs join the vertical column.  return

Plywood Armchair

Designer: Norman Cherner
Manufacturer: Plycraft 1958

Designed in 1958 by Norman Cherner in the USA, this moulded plywood chair was the first of its kind. Setting it apart from those that followed are the bentwood legs and wrap around bentwood arms.

As a pioneer of moulded plywood furniture the designer managed to compliment the continuous flow from the seat to the back by curving the wooden legs up under the seat. This junction between seat and legs is still being used to this day with metal legged versions, although the elegant signature curved arms have never been copied.  return

Gubi 1F moulded chair

Designer: Poul Christiansen and Boris Berlin
Manufacturer: Komplot design

This super lightweight moulded plywood chair is one of the first to mould the wooden seat shell in three dimensions. Shown here painted in golden yellow, but also available showing the wooden veneer on the back. The black steel legs have a minimal design to accentuate the shape of the seat and back.  return


Designer: Jorgen Baekmark
Manufacturer: Hay design

This spindle back chair is a great interpretation of the classic version. The low back gives a contemporary feel whilst maintaining the traditional quality of a spindle back chair.

DLM side table

Designer: Thomas Bentzen
Manufacturer: Hay design

A modern take on a traditional three legged side table. Made from steel rod the three legs with round ends look very dainty. By having the vertical rod come through the table top to form a handle makes the table very easy to move around, hence the name 'Don't Leave Me'. It comes in an interesting selection of colours too.